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Urban Chicken Keeping

Coop Design & Installation*

Barefoot Farm can custom design and install the chicken coop of your dreams! Prices for custom coops vary greatly based primarily on material costs and design details. How many girls would you like? Would a moveable coop work best? Or maybe a stationary coop with an attached covered run? We have our favorite designs for various situations and can customize it to coordinate with your existing home and landscaping. 

*This option is best if you are pretty certain you want backyard chickens. Chances are there is someone in your family who will name your hens and become emotionally attached to at least one of your girls. Yes, some hens are that sweet and amazing! We want our clients to consider this option as a long term commitment, understanding that chickens can live 3-10 years. We would love to see chickens in every backyard, but our intention has to be that these hens are well-loved and taken care of. If you're not sure check out our Rent A Coop Option below!


Maintenance Plans

Barefoot Farm offers Chicken-keeping Maintenance Plans. Chickens are notoriously messy creatures. Their enclosed coop requires regular cleaning (soiled bedding makes a great addition to compost - see our composting services.) We prefer the deep mulch method for stationary outdoor run areas which also requires occasional maintenance. Moveable coops need to be regularly moved. Feeders, waterers, and nesting boxes need to be kept clean. Barefoot Farm can take care of the hard and dirty work leaving you with collecting eggs and interacting with your girls. Fees for maintenance plans are determined on an individual basis by the scope of the project, supplies needed, and your farmer's time.

We can also deliver locally sourced non-GMO feed or commercial organic feed, special treats, and other necessary chicken-keeping supplies. Our maintenance plans are designed to make keeping backyard chickens a breeze.

ATTENTION: We Rent Coops!

Barefoot Farm offers a Rent A Coop program!  Enjoy the benefits of backyard laying hens without the initial startup work or commitment. You can also think of this as a try before you buy program. Our rentals are available from April to November (minimum 3-month rental) and include 1 custom-built moveable chicken coop, feeder and waterer, enough feed for the rental duration, other supplies for keeping your hens healthy and happy, and a guide for taking care of your chickens. For your enjoyment, two complimentary Barefoot Farm laying hens are included for the duration of your coop rental in our standard package. We deliver everything necessary for a successful chicken keeping experience and then pick everything up at the end of the rental agreement period. We hand raise our hens included in our coop rentals with lots of human interaction and try to include social and friendly hens at their peak of egg production. We are accepting applications for 2023 now. You can find more information and access our online application here. You can read our terms and conditions for our coop rental program here. Also, check our FAQ for additional information.


Rent A Coop Quick Links

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