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Home Grown Vegetables

Edible Gardening

Design & Install

Whether you have an existing veggie garden that needs some tender loving care or you require a new garden to be set up from scratch, we can help. We can custom design an in-ground or raised bed system for you complete with irrigation. Let us do all the heavy lifting and dirty work and you can enjoy the benefits of picking and eating your own homegrown produce.

Maintenance Services for Your Edible Garden

We want to see every micro-farm thrive, so our team offers weekly, monthly, or seasonal maintenance services. Our experienced farm crew can bring all of the vegetable transplants, seeds, trellises, organic fertilizers, organic pest control materials, and tools necessary to keep your garden healthy and attractive. We keep you up to date with newsletters detailing what is ready for harvest, what is coming soon, and other seasonal garden topics.


Urban Chicken Keeping

Have you been dreaming of getting chickens for your backyard? Backyard chickens are very popular right now with good reason. Laying hens are amazingly interesting creatures with individual personalities who reward you almost daily with exceptionally nutritious food. Backyard eggs are the best!


Design, Install & Maintain

Barefoot Farm can custom design, build, and install the urban chicken coop of your dreams. We also offer maintenance packages. We want to make urban chicken keeping easy and fun!


Rent A Coop

Our Rent A Coop program allows you to experience the joy of having chickens without a lot of work and no long-term commitment. We'll deliver a portable custom-built chicken coop with everything needed to successfully care for laying hens for the duration of your rental agreement. We rent April through October and include two Barefoot Farm laying hens with each coop for your enjoyment!

Lawn Strip

Lawn Care & Composting

Lawn Care Services

Barefoot Farm offers basic lawn care services, such as mowing, mulching, and spring/fall cleanup. We would love to turn your untreated grass clippings and fall leaves into compost and garden mulch. You can save by bundling one of our maintenance packages (edible garden or chicken keeping) with basic lawn care.

Composting Services

Composting is an important part of sustainable gardening. Ideally, we will incorporate composting into our other maintenance plans (gardening, chicken keeping, lawn care) but do offer stand-alone composting services. Barefoot Farm can design and install a composting system for your backyard. We also offer maintenance plans. You provide the organic inputs (primarily kitchen scraps and yard waste) and we'll help you turn them into natural fertilizer to use in your garden.

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