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Lawn Care

Barefoot Farm offers basic lawn care services. We mow, trim, and mulch, as well as perform spring/fall cleanup tasks. Fall leaf collection for removal or on-site composting is also part of our sustainable gardening offerings. Our goal in offering lawn care as part of our backyard farming business is to try to close the loop when it comes to sustainability. Our zero-turn mower is equipped with a bagging system that allows us to collect grass clippings* and fallen leaves when desired. The collection of what is typically considered yard waste gets turned into valuable compost or garden mulch. It’s a beautifully efficient system! So while we're there tending to your garden we can mow your lawn, turn your compost, and care for your chickens. All these tasks intertwine to create a more sustainable and healthier ecological footprint.

*We will not collect all your lawn clippings. Grass allowed to decompose in place is good for your lawn.

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lawn care
Green Waste Recycling
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