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About Barefoot Farm

Barefoot Farm is a backyard farming company.

We specialize in micro-farming in the Lexington, KY area. We want to encourage self-sufficiency and assist urban and suburban dwellers in growing their own food in their own backyard or patio or deck or sunny window...  We're your neighborhood farmers helping you grow food in your space.


Barefoot Farm LLC is owned and operated by the Montgomery family. Mark has over 30 years of experience in management/marketing within the retail industry.  Izzie has multiple degrees in Agriculture (Plant and Soil Science) and has been “playing in the dirt” all her life. Mason, the original barefoot boy, has been working on the farm since his beginning. The other Montgomery kids as well as Nanny and Papaw all participate in the daily activities of Barefoot Farm. We are a farming family! You can learn more about us and follow our journey on our blog, Instagram, and Facebook


During the mid-2000s the Montgomerys operated Barefoot Farm CSA for several years before life events nudged the family to discontinue commercial vegetable growing for a time. Now kids are older and health issues are figured out, it’s time to grow commercially again. Our farming journey began many years ago and has evolved over time but what hasn't changed for us is our love of the land and our passion for growing our own food in a sustainable way. 

Barefoot Farm - Fogertown is located in Clay County, KY. The farm has been in Izzie's family for over 100 years. Mason is the fifth generation to work the land. The farm has sustained various crops and critters over the years. 

Barefoot Farm - Lexington is located in the Lansdowne area of the city. Growing food in the city has its own set of challenges. We have worked hard to develop gardening plans and strategies to maximize success based on our own experiences with urban farming and chicken keeping.

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